12 Jun 2017

San Diego Derby Dolls - Jantastic 2017

I'm serveral months late with this post, either way this is the third annual All-Star tournament Jantastic at the Doll House and a major congratulations to My Little Ponies for their third championship win.

Again this year I went and shot for fun on one of the two day event. I've rebuild my pelican based portable desktop for this event and attached a 22" monitor inside the lid. All that was needed was to open the pelican up and plug it in and it's ready to go. Why go through the trouble of a deskptop setup? copying footage over SATA will beat out USB 3 anytime as well as ability to add more powerful graphics card (even tho that was not needed here). Eventually I plan on adding a dedicated RAID with SSDs to get 1GB/s read/write rate, which is what I get on my RAIDed SSDs for my main desktop. 

Part of the reason it took so long to make this post is the video made from the footages ended up being a promo for 2018, which has just officially been announced on The music is like before is from Really Slow Motion, it is really hard to find any other good music to cut to and Really SLow Motion makes it extremely easy.

This is the first time I've ever uploaded a video in 8K resolution, and yes for those who did not know already Youtube supports 8K video streaming! The video was encoded with VP8 from Adobe Premiere, I tried VP9 for couple of the test renders but VP9 takes an insane amount of time to render. The 8K resolution tho was upressed, original footage was captured in 6K only.

In all I shot just under 1TB of footage. I've pulled a number of still snapshots from the footage and included the HD version here. If you want the full resolution image please feel free to contact me through my site's contact form,

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