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Jamtasic Tournament and San Diego Derby Dolls Promo Video

Recently shot Jamtastic Tournament hosted by San Diego Derby Dolls. Finally had a chance (during my 30 day Premiere CC trial:-P) to quickly put a promo video together. Transcoding and exporting took more time than the edit itself. Editing was done natively in Premiere with the original R3Ds. Once the picture was locked, the timeline was exported with FCP XML into Redcine-X. From there the simple grade was applied with two distinct look for the two seperate locations with completely different lighting. Redcine-X's alchemy and film looks were also applied and then exported as tiff sequences to maintain as much qualifty as possible without resorting to the massive size of DPX files. That was taken back into premiere where each R3D was replaced by the tiff clip by clip. Unfortunately it doesn't look like there is a batch way to do this, exporting an XML from Redcine-X wouldn't have worked since majority of the clips had speed changes applied. 

I started with 1.8TB of footage and by the time I was finished it totaled around 6TB with the transcodes.

The incredibly awesome music is used with permission from Really Slow Motion Music: Iron Poetry - Anarin (Full Mix) -

The final export was to H.264 for youtube 4K, but I upped the bit rate up to 100Mb/s target rate. Check out the youtube in UHD below or at:


Since I Don't have a 4K monitor or Television, I played back my 4k output over 5 monitors hehe. VLC is pretty bad at playing these 4K files so I used Media Player Classic instead.

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There's a lot more photos from other photographers over at the San Diego Derby Doll's Flickr account. It's very easy to see which photos are from other photographers and which are the ones I uploaded:-P




On another note, my Kickstarter for a new timecode slate is going on over at please check it out:-)



The 7th annual Battle on the Banks. Had some time in between rentals so I went down to film some of the action.... With the Dragon:-)

Only filmed two of the games and clocked it in at about 400GB of footage. Tried to use the RPZ 17-50mm but it vignette heavily on the Dragon sensor, so I spent most of the night on my Zeiss 25mm and 85mm (didn't not bring the other two with me). Wasn't the best lit venue, but there was enough to capture at 96FPS with acceptable noise level. Without a doubt the normal Epic-X would not have been able to pull off the same shots. Hopefully I'll have some time eventually to make a short promo/sizzle reel of the SDDD. 

There's a lot more photos from other photographers over at the San Diego Derby Doll's Flickr account. I've yet to hear back from them about getting these photos to them:-P

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