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First time forking or even uploading to github.


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I have officially upgraded to Red's somewhat recent new release, the V-Raptor. Off the bat, the performance and image quality of this camera is insane. Super clean low light and high frame rate (slow motion) is always loads of fun. Enjoy some of random, quick and dirty camera test playlist below.

Live Studio Shoots of Music Wandering


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I needed a drag knife to cut out a lot of paper and plastic sheets for the new slate design and after a quick search I only found drag knife tools typically in the $100+ range. Some of which is well over the price of a hobby Cricut cutting machine. However instead of buying a Cricut cutting machine with extremely limited cloud based software, it looked like the cutter used in these cheap machines could somehow be adapted to fit into one of the collets for my CNC. So I ended up purchasing set, these knife is free spinning on a bearing inside the houseing and helf in there with a magnet. Becareful when purchasing other housing as it looks like some of them are not free spinning and have a gear at the top so the machine can rotate the knife instead. I then cut a 3/4" aluminum tube and use JB Weld to epoxy the cutter housing inside the tube. Fit's perfectly inside the 3/4" collet. Using HSMWorks and Solidworks I could draw out the shapes I needed cut, keep not that you must have a small radius on the corners so the knife can rotate in line with the change of direction. The results turned out amazing, and I can achieve a much higher accuracy and proper scale with no guess work than the janky software most of the craft cutting machines can do.


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Simple 3D-Printed 3 Light Fixture

DIY air filter/"Fume Extractor"


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I've converted a 135mm F2.5 FD lens to PL mount and added permanent gears to it. For the 50mm F1.4 I just added permanent gears since the optical placements made it impossible to remount to PL. Both lenses have been de-clicked and apreture arm that's normally at the camera end of the lens have been removed. The 135mm lens works ok, not as smooth as one would like but it is in working order and the lens itself looks great. The 50mm works great very smooth for the most part, but has a color cast to it. 

My friend had a broken Canon zoom lens and I decided to have a little experiment. It took maybe about 3 hours to make the measurments and draw up the design in Solidworks. The printing took maybe 16 hours total for all the individual parts, couple parts had to be reprinted since my measurments were not as accurate as they should've been hehe. 


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And the Kickstarter campaign is LIVE! Thank you all for your support and please help spread the word:-)


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On the set of Marza

This is the final post before the slate is ready to go live!

Shooting new cuts for the season with Toni&Guy for their instructional DVD.

Filming the San Diego Derby Dolls!


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Short spec commercial shot on my Epic-X mixed with the new Phantom Miro.

A fairly simple and cost-effective way to make your shoulder rig.

Mission Bowl 2012, from capture to delivery in less than 40 hours. From first clips loaded onto the computer to finishing final export in less than 20 Hours including remixing the music.

Finalizing the music for my personal projects reel.

David Choi's "Missing Pieces" Music Video

Here is a short shoot for Mira Mesa High School's FIRST Robotics COmpetition Team's web site.

Practicing with my Blackhawk camera stabilizer rig at a flag football practice:-)


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The Glee Live Tour intro video for the LXD was shot on the Epic-M camera provided by Tonaci Tran.

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